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Get your photovoltaic system tested by an independent specialist. That’s what we call ‘photovoltaics check made easy’!

A solar power plant, either on your private home or on commercial property, is a long-term investment. Similar to your heating system, it is important to get a regular check in order to preserve the value of the system, achieve the maximum power production and detect possible damages early on.

The procedure of outdoor electroluminescence, which was co-developed by us, is the ideal tool for the efficient check of photovoltaic systems.

Outdoor Electroluminescence

Outdoor electroluminescence is a new imaging technique which enables to shine through the solar cells on your roof, similar to the X-ray at the doctor. With this method, even the smallest damages at a solar cell can be made visible.

The most important damages that can be identified by outdoor electroluminescence are:

  • defective bypass diodes
  • partial cell breaks
  • severe cell damage caused by hail
  • PID (potential induced degradation)
  • incorrect assembly of solar modules
  • micro-cracks in solar modules due to inadequate transport or installation

When should you check a PV system?

Usually, it makes sense to check a solar power system directly after the initial start-up. Thus, assembly and transport damages can be detected directly. After that, the system should be checked shortly before the end of the two-year warranty period.

During further operation, reviewing the system every 5 years is sufficient, assuming you have a monitoring system to regularly assess the plant’s yields. Finally, it is advisable to check a PV system after a strong hail event.

What you get from us:

By default, you will receive the electroluminescence images we have made of your system together with a brief oral explanation of what can be seen on them. Alternatively, we also offer a detailed report, e.g. for your insurance.


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